Blogging Changes!


A little over a year ago, I started two blogs. My inspiration blog on Tumblr, and my personal blog here. After a year I realized that Tumblr serves my blogging needs better, this is due to how it is linked with all of my other social media outlets. So I am shifting over to Tumblr for all of my blogging, and utilizing my WordPress for all my portfolio and professional needs. Eventually evolving to my stationary website 😀

For now, go check out my Tumblr!

Because of how Tumblr handles its primary blogs and secondary blogs. I need to do some shifting between my inspiration posts and my own artwork. But stay tuned. There will be a lot of exciting changes on the way very soon!



First Scene From THIRSTY!


Here is the first shot from my thesis film Thirsty! Formerly titled Cactus & The Spout. I completely overhauled it. New story, and new character designs where everything is animated in Toon Boom Harmony with character riggs I created.


Here is a screen shot of the network I used for this version of the bird rigg.


Stay tuned, because I will be posting the whole short first week of May 😀


Too Long :(




Its been a while since I have posted on my main blog 😦 I’ve been keeping busy, and have produced a lot of work in the last few months that I will soon be posting. Also, I will be starting an “art of” tumblr soon, so stay tuned for that!


Talk to everyone soon!