Social Networking: Battle plan!

This week i’ve decided to explore two new social networking websites. With that said, I now have a Twitter, and a Tumblr. Now I  do have my reasons for choosing these two.

My Twitter will obviously show personal content(within reason), but it will also be there to keep the story conversation going. It is the best opportunity to follow Story Artist I admire, and also another way to keep up to date on studios I respect.

My Tumblr will be an inspiration blog. I will use it to show people what gets my creative juices flowing.

I want my blog to be the center for my work, but I want to use these other websites as extensions of who I am and how I approach my work. With that in mind, I would like each of these other sites to lead back to my blog. My other websites should introduce me and start a dialogue. If that is successful, It should lead to showing my work, and show how I approach story.



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