Murphy, CCAD, and You!

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 12.27.47 AM

Hey all!

I just posted a film I directed a year ago titled Murphy, CCAD, and You. This is the first film I ever directed. Its not perfect, but I was very happy with what my team accomplished in 5 weeks! I just posted it on my gallery page.

Go take a look 😀



The Cactus: First character from my thesis film!

The Cactus is the first character from my thesis film currently titled “The Cactus & The Spout.”  I will reveal more about the story later, but essentially the film is a Chuck Jones inspired comedy, completely 2d animated. 

DYoakam_Animation4_CactusSingle2Knowing that the Cactus doesn’t have a completely traditional sense of construction, I had taken some time to develop a style sheet.


The production will take up the majority of the academic year, finishing up by the beginning of May 2014. Stay tuned! I have more characters to introduce, plus storyboards! I can’t wait to post more progress and to get everyone’s feedback!